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Scudo Tiles are energy efficient Cool Roof Tiles, designed to bring down the roof temperature, and consequently, keep the building cool.

Today there is an awareness and demand from the construction industry for an energy – efficient 'green' product to bring down overall energy costs. We at Eurocon Tiles, with over three decades of leadership in the out door tile industry are proud to present 'Scudo Tiles' as a cost effective & energy efficient solution for cool roof applications.

After exhaustive research & trials we have brought out a specific and special product for a cool roof application which is a far more eco-friendly, energy -efficient & cost efficient alternative to the conventional clay tiles which have been traditionally used for flat roof applications.

Carefully chosen and graded aggregates along with special additives in a scientifically designed product mix have enabled us to come up with unique Scudo Tiles which offer the following distinct benefits:

1) Because of the composition of the tile and method of manufacture, Scudo tiles offer temperature drop of 12 degrees celsius on the top surface and by 9 degrees celsius on the bottom surface temperature as compared with traditional clay tiles, exposed to the same thermal radiation.

2) Green Benefits: Scudo is recognized as a Green product and contributes significantly towards the LEED rating/Green Rating of a building. Scudo offers an SRI of 90 as compared to the IGBC requirement of 78 for a heat reflective roof

3) The water absorption of the Scudo Tiles is less than 4% (top surface water absorption is approximately 2%) as compared with clay which would be between 12 to 15%. This ensures longer life and ease of maintenance. Moss and algae formation which are common on clay will be completely absent in Scudo.

4) The tensile and compressive strength of Scudo is atleast 20% better than that of clay.
Scudo is produced in size of 297 mm, with a thickness of 20 mm- the large sizes ensure less number of joins leading to lesser waterproofing of joints besides the size also ensures faster laying. The approximate weight per sft is between 3.6 - 3.95 kg/sft.

5) Scudo does not necessarily require a brick-jelly or 'surki' layer below it. Once the slope has been created by screed on the roof slab, with suitable waterproofing, polymer-modified waterproof mortar can be applied on the screed. This saves time & cost considerably.

6) The bonding of Scudo, which is a cement based tile, to the base-mortar, is integral and homogeneous. The bond between the tile (which is made with a cementitious binder) and the mortar (also consisting of cement) is extremely stable. Both the roof slab, the mortar and the tile have similar thermal coefficients of expansion. This ensures stable, long term bonding. When ceramic and clay products are used for roofs, due to differential co-efficients of expansion of concrete , mortar and clay, over time, these tiles can work themselves loose from the base – mortar resulting in seepage / leakage.

7) Scudo does not require any polishing or surface treatment.

8) Produced at 3 different startegically located factories across the country

9) Thermal properties and benefits have been quantified by CEPT, Ahmedabad & Civil Aids Bangalore. The product has been certified to satisfy CPWD heat reflective tile norms as well.

Unlike Albedo coatings & paints which are painted on the roof to enable thermal reflection, the thermal-reflective properties and the albedo characteristics of Scudo are integral to the mix. Thus, while an Albedo coat or paint may wear off and require re-painting/recoating, the Albedo characterisitcs of Scudo are permanent,because the albedo characteristics are integral to the mix.
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