Laying Instructions


  1. Prepare base mortar with cement and sand in the ratio 1:4 along with waterproofing chemical as specified by the Architect/Contractor. It is recommended to use Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) for this purpose or any other cementitious waterproofed mortar. Please be advised that using Scudo by itself will not ensure waterproofing and unless the roof is suitably waterproofed by waterproofing the mortar and the grout, seepage problems may occur
  2. The total mortar thickness should not be more than 1". If it is observed in some areas mortar thickness is likely to be in excess of 1", in those areas PCC /Brick Jelly/Surki work will have to be done to raise levels so that mortar thickness is not more than 1". Scudo tiles must be laid on freshly prepared mortar. Care should be taken that there is enough water content in the mortar to ensure proper hydration of cement. It is advisable that the mortar is spread over a small area of 25 sq. ft at a time for laying.
  3.  Set the levels for the finished roof (i.e. slope as specified by the Architect / Contractor).
  4. Prepare cement slurry i.e. mixture of cement and water to form a thick paste and spread it on the levelled base mortar. We would recommend a suitable polymer-based additive for enhanced strength manufactured by reputed brands like Laticrete, Fosroc (Nitro Bond SBA 20), Sika, etc. The base mortar should be dense enough to ensure that the slurry does not percolate through. The cement slurry should remain on top of the mortar
  5. Wet the reverse of the tile with water. Complete immersion of tile in water is not required.
  6. If tiles are square or rectangular in shape, set the right angles for the rooms and place the first tile along the right angle lines and place it on base mortar. Tap gently and uniformly only with a rubber or wooden mallet covered with cloth to obtain perfect levels.
  7. Clean the surface of the tile with clean water immediately after laying with wet sponge. Ensure that the base mortar cement which squeezes through joints does not settle on the tile.
  8. Also ensure that the water used for cleaning is not salty, hard or brackish.
  9. A groove of at least 10mm must be maintained all round Scudo.
  10. Fill in the joints with suitable water-proof grouting material, as specified by the Architect/Contractor. Do not apply the pointing material all over the tile surface. The pointing can be done with forefinger using constant positive pressure to fill the joint.
  11. Allow pointing material to set for 15 minutes and then clean the surface of the tile with wet sponge, removing the excess pigment on the tile surface.
  12. Wash the surface with soap water or mild detergent to obtain a clean surface. Ensure that there is no pedestrian traffic on the roof for at least 48 hours.
  13. Stacking: The tiles must be stacked on edge & not flat on face. Stack height when stacked on edge should be no higher than 4 boxes.
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