Green Benefits

Scudo is recognized as a Green Product and contributes significantly towards LEED rating (or any other form of Green Rating) for a building.

  • The solar reflective index (SRI) of Scudo is 90. The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) norm for ‘cool roof’ is 78. Scudo also ensures considerable energy savings in terms of airconditioning costs because it provides a cooler roof when compared to a traditional clay-tiled roof

  • In addition to the qualification on the cool roof score, Scudo is recognized by the Government of India as a 'Green Product', since the manufacturing process involves recycled industrial materials.

  • Scudo is produced from 3 different manufacturing facilities set up across the country, to bring down the distance from the point of manufacture to the point of use. 

  • Further, the manufacturing process involves no air/water effluents, no burning of any sort of fuel, or any type of furnace. The production of Scudo involves almost nil energry consumption when compared to other types of tiles available in the market. 
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